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Mission Statement

Bryan Armstrong Consulting works to correct the problems that have been overlooked in various departments at auto dealerships. Bryan provides a comprehensive form of consulting, not confining his talents as a business process consultant, dealer consultant, sales consultant, or branding consultant. Bryan strives to recognize the problems of a car dealership to produce the best business practices possible for new and used car dealerships. If a dealership’s need exceed Bryan’s specialties, he seeks the help of SEO consultants, internet marketing consultants, human resources consultants, or marketing consultants to correct isolated problems amongst auto dealers. After identifying the root problems that a new car dealership or used car dealers are experiencing, Bryan is able to build upon his experience as a process consultant to begin repairing the problem and promoting positive business practices. Marketing consulting and business consulting are essential components to promoting the business of a new car dealership or used car dealerships, and the help of management consultants or a search engine optimization consultant is often necessary. The key to promoting the best business practices possible is identifying the problems that are detrimental, and Bryan Armstrong’s keen ability to identify these issues makes his company one of the top consulting companies available.


With years of Automotive Management experience, I am currently offering my services to those friends of mine in the Industry who would like a fresh perspective on their entire operation from Marketing to Fixed Ops. I can help identify potential profit leaks as well as new opportunity and with my extensive contact base, put you in touch with the best consultants in the Industry on anything that you desire specialized training in if it is in your best interest.

As a true "car guy" I look at everything with an eye towards identifying broken or non-existant processes and help make difficult concepts easy to understand and monitor.
With the shift in Automotive to on-line and digital, don't be fooled into hiring a vendor in "consultant"clothing!

No hidden agenda's and blunt analysis. Want to really find out how you can improve? Contact me today bryanthecarguy@gmail.com

Welcome To Bryan Armstrong Consulting.

Bryan Armstrong of Bryan Armstrong Consulting is a top choice for auto dealers when it comes to saving money and increasing revenue. Used car dealerships and new car dealerships use Bryan Armstrong to identify lost streams of revenue within their businesses, making Bryan’s one of the most comprehensive and economically effective consulting companies around. Bryan’s experience allows him to identify the problems within any car dealership, allowing them to seek new avenues for improvement within their companies. There are many elements that combine to make auto dealerships successful, and Bryan is able to recognize the positive and negative aspects of each new or used car dealership to optimize productivity and economics. Bryan recognizes the disparities in a variety of departments, often calling for search engine optimization consultants, marketing consultants, internet marketing consultants, or human resources consultants to be incorporated into the consulting process to provide optimum productivity. New and used car dealers seek Bryan’s proven expertise, as he has brought three dealerships to the top of their market in his consulting career, making him a highly sought business process consultant. Bryan exceeds the title as a dealer consultant, also serving as a process consultant for dealers, working with other management consultants, sales consultants, marketing consultants, or branding consultants to help dealerships reach their potential. Bryan’s business consulting processes are solely concerned with bettering the dealership, with no hidden agenda.

Bryan Armstrong is a dealer consultant whose top priority is to maximize the productivity of auto dealers. Auto dealerships seek Bryan’s advice in recognizing the problems that are preventing their new or used car dealerships from reaching their full potential. While Bryan is not a search engine optimization consultant, his network of SEO consultants, internet marketing consultants, and human resources consultants provide him the ability to correct problems within any car dealership. As a business process consultant, Bryan’s business consulting practices allow him to recognize and correct the problems of any used car dealership or new car dealership, and his access to other consultants allows him to locate the best individual to correct any problem. Whether a dealership needs management consultants, marketing consulting, a sales consultant, or branding consultant, Bryan is the process consultant to contact. Bryan’s consulting and networking skills have helped him create one of the top consulting companies for new or used car dealers.

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Doug Dewees

Owner, AutoBizUSA (business partner)
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“Bryan has always been a leader in providing superior results for dealers and dealerships. His dedication to success in any project he takes on, Has always delivered a high level of profitable rewards. Doug DeWees AutoBizUSA” February 27, 2011

Nicki Allen

Classic Chrysler Jeep Dodge Mazda (business partner)
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“Bryan Armstrong is an extremely versatile, high-energy, and professional with remarkable problem solving skills. His strong analytical problem-solving ability combined with creative teaching methods help to build strong team atmospheres.” March 2, 2011

Mitchell Brenner

eCommerce Manager, Precision Acura of Princeton (business partner)
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“As a 28 year veteran of the auto business with the last 12 being on the Internet side of the business I can spot talent from a mile a way. Bryan has talent to spare. He understands what is needed to make a dealership thrive on both the Internet as well as on the traditional side. He knows that having a plan and sticking to it is the cornerstone of any great business. He's personable, fair, and customer focused. Most importantly, he knows what he's doing and can help any dealership improve their bottom line and increase sales both on the traditional side as well as on the Internet side. I'm jealous of his talent!” March 2, 2011

Mo Zahabi

Senior Product Manager - OEM and National Accounts, VinSolutions (business partner)
was with another company when working with you

“Bryan demonstrates a no-nonsense control of automotive internet marketing and sales. His commitment to his work is inspiring, energetic and contagious to those around him. I would highly recommend Bryan to any company looking for someone who always delivers first class performance!” March 4, 2011

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